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A Donor-Advised Fund or DAF is a special fund that you can establish with The Children’s Foundation. In exchange for your charitable contribution, you receive an immediate tax deduction and then recommend grants from the fund over time. You can contribute to the fund as often as you wish. You can recommend grants from the fund to your favorite charities that have a focus on children’s health and well-being.



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Donation FAQs

The Children’s Hospital of Michigan Foundation is dedicated to improving the health and wellness of children by raising and granting philanthropic resources. The Children’s Hospital of Michigan Foundation is recognized as a 501(c)(3) charitable organization by the Internal Revenue Service and is and governed by a volunteer board of directors composed of community leaders, financial experts and committed philanthropists.

Financial Information
Established in 2003, Children’s Hospital of Michigan Foundation is the state’s largest funder dedicated solely to advancing the health and wellness of the children of Michigan. Through funding and advocacy dedicated to three core pillars – Community Benefit, Pediatric Research and Medical Education – the Children’s Hospital of Michigan Foundation enables researchers and community organizations to identify and implement innovations capable of advancing children’s health. Since 2011 we have provided more than 39.6 million in grant funding. Our current areas of focus include mental health, nutritional wellness, abuse and neglect, oncology and cardiology research and injury prevention.

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The Children’s Foundation is located at 3011 West Grand Boulevard, Suite 218.

We’d be happy to answer any questions you might have. Please call (313) 964-6994 and we’ll assist you!

Yes. The Children’s Foundation is recognized as a 501(c)(3) charitable organization by the Internal Revenue Service. Whether you give online, by phone, or by mail, we will send a gift acknowledgment letter to the address you provide. This acknowledgment of your gift conforms to Internal Revenue Service requirements for tax purposes.

Philanthropic contributions that were raised and designated for Children’s Hospital of Michigan have been transferred to the Children’s Foundation. In 2011, Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette gave his consent for the Children’s Foundation to receive the approximately $90M in restricted charitable gifts and endowments that had been donated to Children’s Hospital since inception. The Children’s Foundation is committed to effectively administering and stewarding these charitable gifts consistent with donor intent and the needs of children in our community.

The Children’s Foundation (CHMF) was created by administrators and trustees of the Children’s Hospital of Michigan (CHM) in 2003 to support CHM as its primary philanthropic partner.

In 2011, the Detroit Medical Center was sold to Vanguard Health and became a for-profit entity (which was subsequently sold to Tenet Heath, an investor-owned corporation). This sale established CHMF as an independent public foundation, beginning with a financial base representing 120 years of philanthropy toward Children’s Hospital.

Today, CHMF has a record amount of assets, is actively engaged in fundraising, and grants approximately $6 million each year to fund programs benefiting children’s health at the Hospital and beyond.

The relationship between the CHMF and CHM remains extremely close and several CHM leaders play active roles as advisors to CHMF and members of our Board of Trustees. Funds provided by CHMF each year support numerous programs at CHM and its academic partner for research and education.

The relationship between CHMF and CHM is indeed different than prior to the sale of the DMC, but it is a strong and dedicated partnership now and into the future.

CHMF awards approximately $6.0 million in grants annually.

Of this amount, 45% is awarded directly to support CHM for programs that do not generate profits for the Hospital’s owner, such as Child Life Services, the Annual Celebration of Life Day, and numerous other injury prevention and patient service programs. Another 50% of CHMF support is awarded to CHM affiliated partners like the Hamtramck School-based Health Center and Kids Kicking Cancer, and to support pediatric research projects at the Wayne State University School of Medicine. Finally, 5% of CHMF support is awarded to other non-profit community partners for programs that benefit children’s health and wellness. Examples of these partners include the Lion’s Club for a pediatric hearing screening program and Starfish Family Services for a program to screen, assess and provide intervention to children who exhibit developmental delays and do not qualify for services through public or private insurance.

CHMF is dedicated to the support and safekeeping of children’s health and wellness in the broadest sense, including both hospitalized children and through efforts to prevent them from needing medical care in the first place.

To our organization, the change in legal status of CHM represents an opportunity to broaden our impact and embrace a role as the state’s largest funder dedicated solely to children’s health, as well as positioning ourselves as a leading advocate for children and their families. The challenges kids face today are more complex and pervasive than ever, and CHMF is in a unique position to facilitate community-wide responses to address these needs.

CHMF believes we can help lead significant progress in five priority health need areas: mental health, injury prevention, abuse and neglect, nutritional wellness and medical research in cardiology and oncology. These focus areas represent major health issues for children, and build on the expertise of CHMF, in partnership with CHM. The focus on these five areas also requires CHMF to join additional community partners, in order to achieve optimal impact.

This model is one-of-kind in the country. But it’s necessary to fulfill our mission and commitment to this community. As we raise additional funds in conjunction with a robust grant making function, CHMF also believes that giving donors a broad menu of opportunities to impact the health and wellness of children is the ideal strategy to ensure the legacy of charitable giving to CHMF continues for years to come.

Yes! CHMF is committed to continuing to raise funds to support charitable programs at CHM that benefit children and families. Gifts can be designated to support programs for child health advocacy and outreach, pediatric medical research, and pediatric medical education.

CHMF is happy to honor the wishes of generous donors who desire to support CHM. Donors may make gifts to a specific program area or research effort by indicating their area of interest when their gift is made.

Just as the CHMF seeks new ways to benefit the lives of all children, we also continue to discover methods and productive strategy for all donors to make their customized impact on this critical mission. The gifting infrastructure at CHMF offers opportunities to establish ongoing support through “Blended Giving” strategies that can easily generate the funds (social capital) necessary to achieve goals. Gift planning can focus on personal needs as well as achieve charitable objectives. The Foundation can work with any donor, individual or organization, to help develop the right path toward their impact and legacy.

This community values CHM and so does the Foundation. The respect CHMF has for the expertise and passion of the men and women at CHM in helping kids is unwavering. As the largest recipient of CHMF grants, we will continue to support programs that advance our mission and the wishes of donors by working closely with CHM and their research partners even as we broaden our support and impact by partnering with additional community organizations.If CHMF is successful in making an even greater impact on serious health and wellness challenges of children in Michigan today, it will have grown from a legacy of support from CHM and our continued, dedicated partnership in advancing our mutual commitment to kids and their families.

Fundraising events have long been an important source of support for Children’s Hospital of Michigan Foundation. Whether you are a local school, youth group, business, block club, fraternal organization, union local or religious group – we can help with planning, logistics, and follow-up. Check out the Events section of our website for ideas to get started today or contact Kate Kesner, Special Events Officer, by phone at (313) 745-8814 or email at to discuss your plans.

Please see our events calendar for a list of upcoming events.

There are many ways for you to make a charitable contribution to support the Children’s Hospital of Michigan Foundation. They include gifts of cash/checks, credit-card gifts, gifts of appreciated securities, real-estate gifts, estate gifts and tribute gifts. For more information call (313) 964-6994.

If you’d like to make a significant impact on a specific area of children’s health or in research on children’s diseases, please consider planning a major gift. We can help you explore how your generosity and interests can make an immeasurable difference for children. The Children’s Hospital of Michigan Foundation provides donors with many opportunities for public recognition and naming opportunities. If you are interested in making a major gift to Children’s Hospital of Michigan Foundation, please contact George Westerman Associate Director – Individual and Estate Giving at (313) 745-9344. For information on making a bequest, please see information on making a planned gift.

Yes, you can make an online gift today by visiting Your gift transaction is safe and secure. You can also download a donation form and mail your gift or make a gift by phone by calling (313) 964-6994.

Corporations can take a lead role in advancing the mission of the Children’s Hospital of Michigan Foundation. Your support will illustrate your company’s commitment to giving back and show that you care about the health and well-being of children in your community. Your company can help support children through corporate philanthropy and corporate sponsorships of fundraising events. For more information, please contact Kate Kesner, Special Events and Corporate Giving at or 313-745-8814.