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    6. What prompted your first gift to The Children's Foundation? (Please select all that apply):
    Invited by friend or acquaintanceFamily connection to Children’s Hospital of MichiganMy interests align with The Foundation's missionThe Foundation's website or social mediaBoard/member/trusteeReceived mail from The Children's Foundation
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    7. Below are the current priority focus areas of The Children's Foundation. Please share with us your interest in these areas by ranking them from 1 (most interested) to 5 (least interested).
    Abuse and Neglect

    Nutritional Wellness

    Mental Health

    Injury Prevention

    Childhood Cardiac and Cancer Research

    8. What qualities do you like the most about your favorite charities? (Please select all that apply):
    Prompt, timely informationResponsive when I reach outMission aligned to my valuesFeedback on how my donation was spentPersonal engagement (i.e phone calls, meetings with staff and trustees etc.)Reading inspiring stories and news updates
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    Home PhoneMobile PhonePostal MailEmailWebsite/Social MediaAnnual/Bi-Annual Meetings
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    11. Would you be interested in attending a donor information event to learn about your contribution to patient health and research?

    12. Over the last 12 months, do you feel well-informed on the status of your donation to The Children's Foundation and its impact on the community?
    Too LittleSomewhat LittleRight AmountSomewhat Too MuchToo Much

    13. What suggestions do you have for The Children's Foundation to keep you engaged as a donor? What would you like to see more of?

    14. Did you receive a prompt acknowledgment of your gift to The Children's Foundation?

    15. Would you be interested in being invited to fundraising events?

    16. Would you have an interest in any of the following areas to support The Children's Foundation, aside from your personal giving? (Please select all that are of interest):
    Advocacy on children’s issuesVolunteerismHosting a fundraiser