Every 26 seconds in America, one more student drops out of school. At the same time, entrepreneurs and small businesses are an untapped resource when it comes to solving community issues.

Entrepreneurs for Kids (E4K) is a business community created by entrepreneurs who want to inspire local youth to navigate life with an entrepreneurial mindset. We created E4K to ensure that more students could have access to a wealth of inspirational leaders right here in their community. By joining E4K, you will help open the doors of opportunity for a rising student leader by providing opportunities, like scholarships and mentorship, while growing your business network with other like-minded individuals.

Become a member today and help us reach our goal of providing ten $5,000 scholarships to ten local students.


Not just another Networking group

E4K is a business community that specializes in two things: providing opportunities like scholarships and mentorship to local youth, and growing your network so you can grow your business. A business group like this isn’t something you see every day.

E4K was designed by entrepreneurs, but don’t let titles stop you. Whether you work in a large corporation, own your own business, or have a side hustle, if you have an entrepreneurial mindset, we believe you have something inspirational to give to a future leader. E4K is a Children’s Foundation initiative. As a long-standing community foundation focused on the health and wellbeing of children across our region, the mission of E4K is right in our wheelhouse when it comes to running an effective program focused on youth. Since E4K is managed by an established Foundation, you can rest knowing that your membership dollars are going towards providing more opportunities for kids to thrive in our state. It doesn’t get much better than that. So, become a member today to begin your legacy as an Entrepreneur, for kids!

Our Community

Our members get access to at least six event per year in addition to ongoing mentorship opportunities with our Academic Partners. Each event is focused either growing your business, growing your network or growing the next generation of leaders.

  • Ongoing opportunities to provide resources, like scholarships, career exposure and mentorship, through our Academic Partners
  • Speaker series events
  • Networking events



  • Peer consulting group sessions
  • Speaker Series events
  • Networking events
  • Ongoing youth mentorship
  • Exposure to local business leaders and innovators
  • Access to statewide network of entrepreneurs to network with


  • All previous benefits
  • Named as a Founding Member
  • Leadership role and recognition in E4K Material

Small Business Association of Michigan member benefits including group insurance, human resource services,
office supply discounts and more.


  • All previous benefits
  • One (1) Founder Membership
  • One (1) Entrepreneur Membership
  • One (1) Gifted Student Alumni Membership
  • Naming opportunities*
* Naming Opportunities can consist of scholarships, events, pitch contests etc., named after your company




  • Named as sponsor for one peer-consulting or networking event
  • One (1) $5,000 scholarship
  • Three (3) Gifted Student Alumni Memberships
  • Naming Opportunities*


  • Named as sponsor of two peer-consulting or networking events
  • Two (2) $5,000 scholarships
  • Six (6) gifted student alumni memberships
  • Naming Opportunities*


  • Named as Title Sponsor for two years
  • Named as Speaker Series Sponsor for both events
  • Four (4) $5,000 scholarships
  • Twelve (12)Gifted Student Alumni Memberships
  • Naming Opportunities*
* Naming Opportunities can consist of scholarships, events, pitch contests etc., named after your company

To learn more about a Business Sponsorships, contact Jennifer Richard, CFRE, Associate Vice President, Donor Relations at JRichard@YourChildrensFoundation.org

Our Partners

Give Merit's FATE program:

E4K members interact with local students in multiple ways. Whether its joining as a Guest Mentor through our partner, Give Merit’s FATE program, or helping high school seniors prepare for their first interview, or even offering summer employment opportunities to students, our members will have the opportunity to work with FATE and the students while also knowing that each membership is providing opportunities, like scholarships and other resources, that will help them succeed in life.

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To learn more about Give Merit’s FATE program, click here

Our Founding

Kevin Woods
CEO at Driven Creative Supply

Dave and Lori Crysler
Owner of Crysler Club

Beth Ardisana
Owner of ASG Renaissance

Kees Groenewegen
Associate Director
of Donor Relations,
Children’s Foundation

Steve and Andrea Gunn
Owner & President of Gunn Holdings,
Vertical 8 Funding
President of Wash Pointe Car Wash

Bob Coury
CEO and Managing Director at
Greenwich Capital Group, Managing
Director at Townsend Street Capital

Doug Ferrick
Chief Development Officer,
Children’s Foundation

Kelly Finley & Brian Ragland
Owner, Broker and Realtors,
New Century Realtors

Thomas and Stephanie Fraser
Attorney, Owner and Paralegal
at Thomas Fraser Law

Bill Fisher
President and CEO at National
Research Company

Chef Bobby Nahra
Owner and President, Encore Catering
& Banquet Center

Mike and Kristin Cermak
Senior Director,
Crain Communications

John and Nancy Welsh
Clean Juice Rochester Hills, (Nancy, Owner)
Welsh Management Group (John, CEO)

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