Little Champions

Be A Hero To A Little Champion

Every day, courageous children inspire The Children’s Foundation to invest in innovative community health programs, forward-thinking pediatric research and the most advanced information for pediatric physicians and healthcare professionals. Three inspiring children are highlighted below, each of whom were chosen as a Little Champion of the Game, a program the Foundation developed in partnership with Michigan State University and Fox Sports.
We hope our Little Champions inspire you. They faced serious illnesses with tremendous amounts of courage. There’s Corey, whose strong faith and optimism helped him fight Leukemia; the amazing Alexia, who stays positive even after multiple heart surgeries; and Joshua, who in spite of more than 20 operations to combat a lifelong illness, remains an energetic kid passionate about sports.
Please take a moment to read their stories, and then consider a donation to advance the health and happiness in the lives of children like these.
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Corey from Shelby Township. Corey was diagnosed with Leukemia. Determined not to let this diagnosis get him down, Corey has maintained a positive attitude and remained focused on his faith to fight this battle. Today he is cancer free and lives every day to the fullest!


Meet Alexia from Dearborn, Michigan. Alexia was born with a hole in her heart and underwent open-heart surgery at only 8 days old. Doctors thought Alexia was going to need a heart transplant to survive but she proved them wrong. To everyone’s surprise she was able to go home with only a pacemaker. While her health battles aren’t over, Alexia is a fighter and continues to amaze everyone she meets with her positive attitude!


Meet Joshua from Clinton Township. Joshua was born with bacterial meningitis and spent his first four weeks of life hospitalized. At six months old, he was diagnosed with a life-long condition called hydrocephalus, for which he has undergone more than 20 operations. Today, Joshua is a happy, healthy, sports-loving kid who continues to tackle whatever comes his way.

Recognizing children who are truly champions.

We are proud to create a support system along with family members and friends, improving and advancing the health and wellness of our children.