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Oncology & Cardiac Research

Research is critical when it comes to battling hard-to-treat childhood cancers. The Children’s Foundation has contributed two research grants: One to develop new treatments for acute myeloid leukemia (AML), when a child’s bone marrow makes abnormal cells; the other focusing on neuroblastoma, which starts in nerve cells and forms tumors in various parts of the body.


The Children’s Foundation has supported a number of grants focused on Oncology & Cardiac Research. These grants support experiential and ground breaking technology that has helped find new ways to monitor infants with complex heart defects, improve outcomes for young catheterization patients and develop new procedures and treatment for pediatric heart surgery.

Featured Project

The Cardiac Home Monitoring program is an initiative developed with the Children’s Hospital of Michigan.

The focus of program is to provide Parents of high-risk infants with heart defects peace of mind when taking their babies home. A Ticker Tracker app was developed to links families to the hospital, where staff can track infants’ vital signs in real time.