Pediatric Research

Pediatric Research

Gifts for research support pediatric scientific discovery at the Children’s Research Center of Michigan, along with other pediatric research initiatives. From “bench to bedside” and drawing upon DMC Children’s Hospital of Michigan’s vast patient population, the Foundation is charged with raising funds to support pediatric research, where physicians and scientists study disease at the molecular or cellular level in state-of-the-art laboratories, to clinical research at the patients’ bedside. Funding for important endowed chair positions further supports these research initiatives.


The Foundation currently supports several research programs that will enhance our understanding of the progress of disease in children, improve outcomes in children, and lead to the development of exciting new treatments. This has led to ground-breaking advances in the development of new techniques in pediatric medical care and the treatment of diseases.


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Featured Story

Enabling unprecedented research and long-term impact

In 2017, with $75,000 from The Children’s Foundation, Arash Javanbakht, M.D., Psychiatrist and Director of Stress, Trauma and Anxiety Center at Wayne State University, launched an unprecedented study exploring the mental health impact of war trauma on Syrian children and families now living in Southeast Michigan. Several years later in 2020, the National Institutes of Health granted $2.7 million for Javanbakht to follow families for five more years to measure effects of trauma over time.