We work with our community to make an impact on key issues for children and their families. The Children’s Foundation has an informed understanding of the pulse of our community. Our grant applications are directly related to our pillars and focus areas which gives us an insight on the work that’s being done in our community and where we are needed most.

We become an active participant with the grantees to advance the impact of our focus areas and pillars. We are an invested partner and provide resources that become a collaborative process directly meeting the needs in our community.

The Children’s Foundation grant application deadlines are in September and April. The Foundation’s mission is to support pediatric research, education, community benefit programs and other initiatives that improve the health of children, primarily in Michigan.

Organizations interested in a potential partnership may submit an inquiry email to Grants@YourChildrensFoundation.org at least 60 days prior to one of our deadlines to discuss potential ideas and our LOI process.


The Children’s Foundation approves grants annually for pediatric health and wellness. Since 2003, The Children’s Foundation has dedicated itself to advancing the health and wellness of children in Michigan through philanthropic support emphasizing three pillars: Community Benefit, Pediatric Research and Medical Education. The grants that are approved have the potential to not only impact children locally, but to make a positive contribution to children throughout the state of Michigan and beyond. Funding has been approved for programs ranging from diseases that do not yet have a cure, to programs that would not exist, but for the funding our Foundation provides.

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