Substance Use Disorder


Adolescent substance use is a significant public health concern in the United States and remains largely undertreated. The pandemic intensified many preexisting risk factors for adolescent substance use, such as early life stress, social isolation, school connection, and boredom. Barriers preventing youth from receiving necessary treatment include lack of resources, limited insurance coverage, and costly treatment.



number kids in Michigan aged 12 to 17 reported having a substance use disorder within the past year
(MHA, 2023).


cost of out-patient rehab for a 3-month program
(NCDAS, 2023).



Michigan’s rank in the nation with 4 million people living in communities with a shortage of mental health professionals
(NAMI, 2023).

in Solutions

Since 2018, The Children’s Foundation has been addressing the substance use disorder crisis – via and in partnership with – the Jamie Daniels Foundation, a fund at the Children’s Foundation. We continue to pursue integrated and efficient solutions to address prevention, recovery, and stigma reduction efforts.

Supporting a third of Michigan’s college students during vulnerable times

To ensure Michigan’s students in recovery continue a path toward success, we continue to invest in Collegiate Recovery Programs (CRP). We currently have nine partnerships with colleges and universities, to enable CRP support for more than a third of college students in the State.

CRPs foster inclusive communities promoting abstinence from drugs and alcohol — where students have access to therapy, peer support, sober activities, and more, while focusing on their education.