Focus Areas


Adolescent substance use is a significant public health concern in the United States and remains largely undertreated. The pandemic intensified many preexisting risk factors for adolescent substance use, such as early life stress, social isolation, school connection, and boredom.

Few places in Michigan treat adolescent substance use disorder – not only is there a lack of resources, but insurance coverage is often limited, and treatment can be costly. As a result, these barriers are preventing youth from receiving necessary treatment.


Youth mental health has long been a focus area of the Children’s Foundation. Since 2020, we have invested more than $4 million into the community integrating impactful interventions that ensure kids have timely, equitable access to quality mental health care. Our focus on mental health will strengthen our systems, reduce the stigma, eliminate financial and access barriers, and equip youth with the tools to cope, navigate, and thrive.


Without healthcare, it is impossible to live a healthy life. Barriers to care can range from transportation, to cost, to mistrust, and more. When we address access challenges, we can help advance health equity for underserved communities and set kids up for success.

For children, receiving basic healthcare increases the likelihood they succeed in school, graduate from high school and attend college, earn higher wages, and grow up into healthy adults.


As stewards of philanthropic legacy from Children’s Hospital of Michigan for more than 140 years, the Foundation continues to honor donor intent of existing funds and raise funds in support of research and wellness programs that without philanthropy would not exist. CHM plays a vital role in our community, serving as a safety net hospital, providing essential care and support to those in need, while also treating children requiring specialized care.