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A Donor Story: Joy Mullen supports vulnerable children and families with stimulus check

Mullen, left, with her mother, Charlotte Matthews, right.

As Joy Mullen of Ferndale, Mich., read about the federal government’s distribution of stimulus checks in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, she wanted to do something intentional with the money, something more than make a few purchases–she wanted to help children and families getting hit the hardest.

“When I was learning about how the checks would be distributed and the amounts different income levels would get, I began to feel guilty,” said Mullen, who has been busily working from home at a marketing job.

“I realized I was potentially getting the same amount of money as someone who got laid off and makes half as much as I do – and was especially thinking about those who have to take care of families. I knew I had to use some of this money to help.”

Mullen grew up in a single-parent household with two brothers. Her mom worked 50-60 hours per week to support her family, but still she struggled.

“My brothers and I received free lunch and eventually reduced lunch. I remember days we looked for change around the house thinking my mom forgot to leave out forty cents,” she said. “So, I can imagine the position this would have put my mom in if this pandemic were happening 25 years ago.”

Knowing The Children’s Foundation is a pillar of support for children and families, Mullen assigned her gift to The Foundation’s COVID-19 Emergency Relief Fund. She trusted The Foundation would use her donation to reach the most vulnerable communities with the most need during this unique time.

But Mullen’s story doesn’t end there. When she was asked to share why she donated to The Children’s Foundation, she wanted to make sure her mom, Charlotte Matthews, would be comfortable if she told their personal story. Matthews more than approved – in fact, she got out her checkbook and wrote a donation to the COVID-19 Emergency Relief Fund herself.

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