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For decades, Michigan Central Station sat as a symbol of Detroit’s struggles, but in June 2024, after a six-year renovation by Ford Motor Company, this historic landmark is a proud testament to Detroit’s resurgence and will once again be a symbol of Detroit’s bright future.  

The reopening of Michigan Central Station represents a once-in-a-lifetime moment for our community – an opportunity to write a new chapter in our collective story. One that is rooted in equity and ensures that the dreams we all have for our children become a reality not only today, but for generations to come.

In partnership with the Children’s Foundation, Bill and Lisa Ford established the Michigan Central Station Children’s Endowment, with a Campaign goal of raising at least $10 million to support youth-serving organizations in the Detroit area. The station’s opening will be a celebration of the Campaign and recognition of the individuals and organizations who stepped forward to show their strong support for Detroit’s children.


We hope for better things

The Campaign

The Detroit area is one of the most charitable in the nation, but very few organizations have endowment, often causing them financial uncertainty and difficulty planning long-term. This Campaign intends to create sustainability and growth of these organizations, impacting the future of our youth.

Why endowments matter:

  1. Endowments are one of the highest forms of equitable and trust-based philanthropy.
  2. Endowments shift resources and power to organizations.
  3. Endowments help organizations be sustainable today and into the future.

What is an endowment?

An endowment is a perpetual fund that provides annual income for an organization. As the endowment grows, more funds become available to fuel the organization.

The Organizations

The Campaign will allow ten youth-serving organizations to create or build their endowments – up to $1.5 million per organization. Every youth-serving nonprofit organization in the Detroit area that meets pre-determined eligibility criteria will be able to apply.

Ultimately, the Michigan Central Station Children’s Endowment Campaign will lead to ensuring that some of the Detroit area’s youth-serving organizations have an opportunity for more equitable and financially solid footing and empower them to determine their future. The ten youth-serving organizations will be selected through a transparent and equity-driven process. 

An invitation for organizations to apply for endowment will become available after the opening of Michigan Central Station on June 6. More details to come regarding eligibility criteria and process. Sign up for our newsletter to receive future announcements.

Selected organizations will receive:

A $500,000 endowment established for their benefit at the Children's Foundation with the opportunity to unlock an additional $1 million.

Ongoing support and resources to learn about endowment and how to leverage it for the organization’s benefit.

Access to drop-in collaboration space in the newly opened Michigan Central Station which will include them in a world-renowned innovative ecosystem that is built on an inclusive and collaborative model between philanthropy, start-ups, businesses, and others in the Michigan Central community.

A gift of any size is impactful

We invite you to make a gift to the Michigan Central Station Children’s Endowment Campaign and invest in the future of our region and its children.

Learn about becoming a partner

Donors of $10,000+ to the Campaign will be included in the grand re-opening of Michigan Central Station. If you would like to discuss a partnership opportunity, click below or contact Vice President of Development, Tina Kashat Casoli at [email protected]

Michigan Central Station Opening Celebration

More than a century ago, Michigan Central Station opened its doors. For generations it has held our stories, and this June, the Station’s ground floor will open once again for the first time in 36 years starting the Station’s next chapter.

From June 7-16, Michigan Central will host its OPEN House, offering a first look inside the Station’s historic ground floor through a range of exhibits, entertainment, art, and more. And we want you to join us!

This will be a memorable moment in Detroit’s history where the eyes of the world will once again recognize our city as one that builds on its history, celebrates its present, and looks excitedly to the future.

Michigan Central Station Children’s Endowment Campaign


Bill and Lisa Ford


Lizabeth Ardisana
Tom and Lindsey Buhl
Lauren and Jon Cotton
Mark Davidoff
Tony and Sarah Earley
Luanne Thomas Ewald
Elena Ford
Dr. Herman Gray
Anne Mervenne
Benita Miller
Vivian Pickard
Donna Satterfield
Lois Shaevsky
Gloria Walker-Larkins
Gwen and Evan Weiner


Liz Alvarez and Joe Klecha
Pamela Applebaum
Dennis Archer, Jr.
Marilyn Bartley
Joan Budden
Bob and Mary Ann Bury
Beth Chappell
JoAnn Chávez
Cindy Ciura
Zenna Elhasan
Alexandra Ford English and Riley English
Brooke and Al Fisher
Emily and Henry Ford
Nick Ford
Tina and Gordon Ford
Will Ford
John Green and Kelly Major Green
Margery Krevsky-Dosey

Debora Matthews
Leslie Murphy
Amy Nederlander
Jennifer Hudson Parke and Joe Parke
Olivia Peoples
Sandra Pierce
David Reich
Mark Saffer
Linda Schlesinger Wagner
Mark and Theresa Schulz
Bill Seklar
Mickey Shapiro
Susan Sherer
Kim and Paul W. Smith
Robin Terry
Chris Thomas and Nicole George
Margaret Trimer

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