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A Donor Story: Six-year-old boy steps-up amid Coronavirus pandemic

Owen with his collection he gifted to Children’s Foundation.

In many ways, six-year-old Owen Melancon of Livonia, Mich. is like most other kids his age spending shelter-in-place days riding bikes and playing in the back yard. But he is also finding ways to raise money so he can help doctors fight Coronavirus.

He is doing this by raiding his piggy bank, scouring for loose change, and doing extra household chores to make a few extra dollars. He successfully collected $23 which he used it to make a gift to Children’s Foundation.

Too early in life, Owen learned the harsh realities of death, grief, and loss when he lost his best friend to a lengthy battle with cancer in 2019. A perceptive boy, Owen understands all that is currently going on in the world and is stepping up, in his words, “to stop people from dying.”

The Melancon family chose Children’s Foundation because of its support of families in their area, in addition to its support of Children’s Hospital of Michigan where Owen’s late friend received care.

“He’s had a tough year,” said his mother, Laura Melancon. “I’m glad he is learning kindness through it all.”

The six-year-old is not looking for praise. He simply has a big heart, giving spirit and a strong desire to keep the memory of his best friend alive. Next on Owen’s list is to participate in St. Baldrick’s Brave The Shave virtual event which he hopes will happen soon.

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