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A letter from Larry – June 2020

Foundation employees effectively working remotely.

Hello and welcome to the start of summer!

We have been extremely busy during these challenging times and are very proud of the impact we have made during the COVID-19 crisis.

Our emergency funds distributed have now amounted to more than $300,000. We have also raised significant new funds that will continue helping children and families the most impacted by pandemic challenges in Michigan

As we get closer to coming out of this crisis, we have learned several important lessons.

We have been able to work effectively and efficiently on a remote basis. Our staff is learning new techniques on how to hold important meetings embracing technology that will improve our ability to communicate moving forward.

For our emergency grantees who received support to transition to telehealth and teletherapy, they are experiencing great success. Organizations are hopeful that this type of care can continue into the future, blending in-person visits with technology.

This month we are looking forward to announcing Spring grants. We are anticipating more than 60 new grants with more than 20 new partners.

We appreciate your support and continue to do everything we can to assist children and families in our communities.


Lawrence J. Burns
President & CEO

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