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A letter from Larry – November 2020

Burns with Shannon Wilson, Director of Medicaid Outreach and Quality, Priority Health during the recording of the November episode of Caring for Kids.

Hello and welcome to the November update from The Children’s Foundation.

The fall and holiday season are very busy times for most organizations that raise funds to help children and families. We are certainly no different.

We recently had the Jamie Daniels Foundation Celebrity Roast of Scotty Bowman that was hosted virtually – recorded and produced by FOX Sports Detroit. They did a wonderful job and are continuing to replay the event. If you missed it, click here to view the roast in its entirety.

Most importantly, the Roast produced a net amount $255,000 which actually surpassed our goal and the amount raised at last year’s event. In this unusual environment we find ourselves in, Ken and Lisa Daniels Goldman came together with so many of their friends and supporters to produce a heartwarming and entertaining event that has raised additional funds to help those suffering from substance use disorder.

We also now officially have a partnership with the Total Health Care Foundation and Priority Health working together to support organizations dedicated to the social determinants of health. As we like to say, we are doing more with more…together.

Look for our fall grant announcements to occur next month which will allow us to continue our support of current partners in adding several new organizations across the state of Michigan.

And lastly, we are in the process of working with our partner Central Michigan University, College of Medicine, to recruit two new pediatric leaders at Children’s Hospital of Michigan. One individual will oversee clinical research at CHM and the other individual will be leading pediatric psychiatry services. Keeping in mind that mental health is one of our major focus areas.

Well that’s it for now. I look forward to keeping you up-to-date on The Children’s Foundation.


Lawrence J. Burns
President & CEO

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