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Five Focus Areas help deepen impact and improve children’s health and wellness

In 2017, as The Foundation was broadening its scope of grant funding to improve the health of children and families, it wanted to deepen its overall impact and strengthen its approach to achieving its mission.  To do this, it conducted a community needs assessment in pediatric health, evaluating the outcomes against social determinants of health. As a result of the assessment, five primary areas of focused were established based on social, economic, and environmental factors that directly influence the health of individuals and community.

Though grant awards are not exclusive to these areas, The Foundation prioritizes funding programs and solutions for children and families that fit into five Focus Areas. The Children’s Foundation’s Focus Areas include:

Abuse & Neglect

Five children die every day from child abuse; child abuse crosses all socioeconomic and educational levels, religions, and ethnic and cultural groups. To combat this issue, The Children’s Foundation supports early intervention options to reduce rates of abuse and neglect, as well as help improve child development.

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Injury Prevention

There is nothing more tragic than the preventable death of a baby or young child. That is why we have made children’s injury prevention a top priority. From car seat safety to safe sleep, The Foundation prioritizes funding programs that help to educate and inform the public so that no child is victim to unnecessary harm or death.

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Mental Health

In recent years, mental health has been an increased issue of concern among children and adolescents. The Foundation works with key partners to understand, discuss, and bring awareness to the growing need and the stigma surrounding mental illness. Through education, healthcare, research and more, The Foundation is working to further the discussion with a path of action that addresses and improves mental health among youth.

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Nutritional Wellness

One in three kids in the U.S. is considered overweight; one in four is obese. This leads to lifelong health issues including greater risk for stroke, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and some cancers. In addition, children who are overweight have higher rates of depression, behavioral and learning problems, and lower self-confidence. The Foundation prioritizes funding programming that teaches healthy habits and lifestyle so children can live long, fulfilling lives.

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Oncology & Cardiology Research

Research is critical when it comes to battling hard-to-treat childhood illnesses and conditions. By supporting various research projects, The Children’s Foundation enables better understanding of disease, helping to improve treatments and outcomes.

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