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Winning Futures: Mentorship program enables success for Adib

Part I: “Virtual mentorship program enables long-term success for high school students”
Part 2: “What it means to be a mentor”

After two years of participation in the Winning Futures mentoring and workforce prep program, Adib has noticed himself grow in confidence and ability to manage schoolwork, and has improved goal setting and follow-through.

His success is due to hard work and guidance from the curriculum and his mentor, Benny, who has been working with the high school senior for two years. Their Winning Futures sessions started in-person; there, they participated in hands-on developmental activities, interacted with other participants, and engaged in group discussions. But because of the pandemic, in March 2020 the program transitioned to a virtual curriculum with $30,000 in grant support from The Children’s Foundation.

“The virtual Winning Futures program gives me and Benny more time for a personal focus,” said Adib. “It’s an hour of talking and having conversations that we wouldn’t be able to have with more people around.”

Winning Futures matches mentors and mentees based on compatibility, gender, and career interests, and provides a structured format to sessions. Topics can range from understanding personality traits to career exploration. Adib has noticed progress on both fronts.

When Adib started the program during his sophomore year, he was shy with a small social circle, but now says he has much more confidence and many more friends.

“Benny is a lot like me. He’s reserved, but he’s helped me to be more myself. I have made many friends and feel more comfortable as myself.”

Adib has noticed growth in other areas too, such as procrastination which at times used to get the best of him. With help from Winning Futures and Benny, Adib was able to improve a Chemistry grade from a C to an A by determining steps necessary to raise his grade, including tutoring and studying daily.

With improved confidence and better habits, Adib is looking toward life after high school – something else in which Winning Futures and Benny have guided him. Two years ago, Adib had the vague idea of going into business, but was unsure of the exact direction.

“The college readiness curriculum has helped me narrow down my options, and Benny has a lot of experience and shared with me what to expect from different career paths. He has knowledge of what goes on behind the scenes.”

As he nears the end of his high school education, Adib is excited to pursue a career in marketing and has applied to several universities, waiting to hear about acceptance.

When Adib joined Winning Futures, he didn’t realize how rich of an experience it would be, guiding him through high school and onto college. He is looking forward to the next step in his future and plans to maintain a connection to Benny, knowing his success will be greater thanks to the impactful friendship Winning Futures has enabled them to develop.

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