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Four tips for a successful internship!

An internship is a time to grow, challenge yourself and explore a potential career. It is a mind-opening experience, one you can’t get in a lecture hall or via group discussion.

At The Children’s Foundation, we appreciate that a student is curious about a career in our industry; we prioritize providing a quality and practical experience. Students join us, eager to learn and excited to be there, but they can also feel a bit intimidated by their lack of professional work experience – and that’s okay. You’ve got to start somewhere!

As you prepare to apply for upcoming internships, here are four tips that will undoubtedly enable success:

1 – Stay Positive

This is extremely important. By maintaining sincerity, enthusiasm and saying yes to everything, you will be integrated well into the team and have many learning opportunities. During your internship, one of your goals should be to build relationships and make lasting impressions. Your colleagues will serve as potential references as you job search, and may even connect you with career opportunities because they know you will make them proud.

Plus, positive attitudes are contagious! Every organization faces stressful days and it is inevitable that the tone in the office may shift. An intern’s attitude can act as a breath of fresh air on a high-pressure day.

2 – Ask Questions

If you do not understand a project, ask. If you do not understanding why an organization is making a decision, ask. If you are not sure how to use the printer or copy machine, ask! We want you to ask questions.

Communication with your supervisor and colleagues will be essential to your success; without it, your growth will be stunted. No question is a bad question and no question will make anyone think you are unfit to be there – employees know an internship is an extension of your education, and they are there to ensure you learn and grow.

Bonus tip: When you do ask a question, be sure to take note of the response or process so you do not repeat yourself!

3 – Share Ideas

Sharing your thoughts demonstrates an investment in the internship and the organization’s goals.

Interns bring a fresh, outside perspective and unique insight to an organization. Even if it is not the idea, it could serve as the catalyst for the one that is. Don’t underestimate yourself. How cool would it be to say an organization’s successful campaign started with your suggestion!?

4 – Work Hard

The recruiter saw potential in YOU and chose YOU as an intern for a reason. Show what you can do – that you deserve to be there and are willing to do the work. Be on time, listen attentively, take notes, stay organized using to-do lists and an updated calendar…and always give 110% on every project!

We do our best at The Children’s Foundation to make your experience robust and memorable. But that doesn’t mean it will come without its challenges. By following these four tips, you will get the most out of your internship, improve your confidence and gain knowledge that will give you the edge over other candidates as you pursue a career.

If you are interested in an internship with The Children’s Foundation, explore available opportunities at the following link:

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