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With Children’s Foundation support, Brilliant Detroit answers a call for help

Ping! “Cindy, I need your help.”

Cindy Eggleton, co-founder and CEO of Brilliant Detroit received a message on Facebook from a Brilliant Detroit neighbor, Mary*.

It was the first week of Governor of Michigan Gretchen Whitmer’s stay-at-home order during the COVID-19 pandemic. On a regular day, Mary – a mother of three young children with one on the way – relies on the resources and aid provided by Brilliant Detroit, but now she needs it more than ever.

She is a very involved Brilliant Detroit neighbor; attends parenting courses, enrolled in GED Program and takes literacy classes. Each of her children receives tutoring at Brilliant Detroit, as well. Mary is doing everything to improve life for herself and her family.

But when the state shut down, she nearly did as well.

Because Mary is pregnant, she is at high-risk for COVID-19. If she can’t leave her home – how is she to get groceries and essential supplies for her family? Her children now require homeschooling, but she is struggling herself – how will she help them to maintain learning?

The stress and anxiety atop of all the other unknowns was too much for Mary, so she reached out to a trusted source of support she has depended on before.

“I helped her establish structure to the day by creating a family schedule. We planned times for the kids to eat, study and play and I provided some resources to help with the schoolwork.” Eggleton said. “Then I told her we could deliver food, diapers and household supplies.”

The schedule was working well – so well, Mary shared it with six more friends. And the doorstep deliveries were obviously a tremendous help. Mary was so grateful, but still had major concerns about maintaining the children’s learning. The schoolwork was only lasting a couple of days, what were the kids supposed to do then?

Brilliant Detroit Activity Kit

“We knew there would be a lot of downtime and many of our neighbors don’t have the technology, toys and games to occupy their kids.” Eggleton said. “To help our families, we created Learn at Home Kits that would be delivered weekly to children so they would be productively entertained. They are designed to provide up to 10 hours of activity. “

With $10,000 of support from The Children’s Foundation’s COVID-19 Emergency Relief Fund, Brilliant Detroit can make and deliver thousands of kits for children in Detroit. The kits provide educational activities and resources, including directions for internet access for those who may need it.

“This is what Brilliant Detroit was founded on and exists to do – build community by providing trusted resources, information and supplies. COVID-19 has intensified the need and our commitment to serve, and we are incredibly grateful to The Children’s Foundation for acting quickly during a time when we were desperate for support,” Eggleton said. “Thanks to this funding, families like Mary’s can breathe a little easier during these tough times.”

*Name has been changed to protect identity.

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