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Donor Story: Mable Jones establishes a lasting legacy

When Mable Jones, Ph.D. joined The Children’s Foundation’s Board of Trustees in 2012, she worked hands on to implement fundraising opportunities and programming to improve the lives of children. Jones was instrumental in building a strong relationship between AAA Michigan, where she worked, and The Foundation to implement safety programs for children, like the car seat safety check. She has been a trusted advisor and volunteer on several Foundation events and projects, in addition to her regular giving.

Though Jones has made countless meaningful contributions to improve the health and wellness of children throughout her life, she wanted to establish a long-lasting legacy. That is why she chose to plan a future gift to The Foundation in her living trust.

Jones specifically designated her gift to The Foundation’s Nutritional Wellness focus area. Knowing that many children experience challenges that often linger into adulthood due to weight issues, she wanted to support programming that tackle these problems.

“This arrangement gives me a great deal of satisfaction. Making a bequest is simple and straightforward, and I know this gift will create remarkable impact by supporting solutions to the issues that are most meaningful to me,” said Mable Jones, Ph.D.

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