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We’re helping 10 groups establish $1.5M endowments, Here’s why, and how to apply | Opinion

Lisa Ford, co-chair of the Michigan Central Station Children’s Endowment Campaign and Andrew Stein, president and CEO of the Children’s Foundation co-wrote an OpEd for the Detroit Free Press about the Michigan Central Station Children’s Endowment Initiative

Behavioral Health Scholarship: A pipeline of professionals enables youth mental health care

In 2019, generous Trustees at The Children’s Foundation established the Behavioral Health Scholarship – a permanent endowed scholarship to address inadequacies in the mental health care system for kids in Michigan by creating a pipeline of professionals.

Donor Story: 18-year-old raises $50,000 to save hundreds of children’s lives

Eighteen-year-old recent high school graduate, Reem Siddiqui, impressively continues her fundraising efforts in support of transportation for Sickle Cell Disease patients at Children's Hospital of Michigan.

Black History Month: Equity today to empower tomorrow’s leaders

Black History Month is a time to reflect and honor the accomplishments, contributions, and challenges Black individuals have faced throughout history. It is also a time to think about what we are doing today to create a more hopeful and equitable future.

A message from our President & CEO: Reflecting on progress

Many times throughout the year I have been in awe of the impact we are making together. Simultaneously I have been gripped by the challenges children face and the work we have yet to do

Donor Story: Real Estate group raises funds to support pediatric cancer patients

Since 2022, RE/MAX FIRST has raised nearly $160,000 to ensure CHM can continue pediatric cancer research projects and wellness programming that cares for the whole child efforts.

Celebration of Life: Providing hope and support for pediatric cancer fighters

On June 3, CHM held its 27th Annual Childhood Cancer Survivor Day – Celebration of Life - with more than 900 guests! This event brings together pediatric cancer survivors and fighters – and those that helped them along their journey.

Pediatric cancer research provides hope for children like Lakelyn

In May 2019, three-month-old Lakelyn was rushed to Emergency at Children's Hospital of Michigan after showing multiple concerning symptoms. After multiple tests, doctors discovered bleeding on the brain.

Is all giving created equal?

When you consider the charitable causes you support, are they the same ones your parents give to? Or your neighbors? Or your school classmate? Of course not.

Transformative partnership to improve health equity and access to care for DPSCD students

A new collaborative and transformative partnership will bring wrap-around healthcare services to 48,615 Detroit Public Schools Community District students by 2030.

Did you know you can create impact for children through your IRA?

Your individual retirement account (IRA) is an excellent tool for saving for your retirement years. Even better, it’s an extremely easy way to support children and families, today.

Donor Story: Derek Dickow fundraises on behalf of children at networking events

“I’ve always been a big supporter of The Foundation’s work,” said Dickow. “The goal with this was to not only raise funds, but awareness about what the Foundation is doing.

Fit Kids 360: Helping families create healthy lifestyles

As with many aspects of life, childhood is when foundational habits for nutrition and physical activity are established.